The Ries April 2017

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We pray that you had a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

It’s such a pleasure serving Jesus! Through all of the highs and lows of life, He is always an ever present help in time of need. We have had a rough few weeks of illness sweeping through our family. Angel and I have both had a case of Strep and all of us have had a stomach bug we’ve dealt with (some of us twice). It’s not easy being that sick on the road, but God’s grace is sufficient.

Since our last letter, we have been able to…

Share the Gospel need in Thailand with 11 new churches in GA, NC, FL, TX, KS and NE. 7 of these were Conferences.
Hear from 5 new supporting churches raising our support level to almost 42%
With God’s protection, travel approximately 5,700 miles.
Celebrate a 36th Birthday for Angel and an 11th Birthday for Andrew.

This coming month…

We appreciate your prayers as we finally get to be back home after 8 straight weeks on the road. During the remainder of April, we’ll spend Resurrection Sunday at our home church and present the Gospel need in Thailand with 3 more churches in IN and OH.
By His Grace,
Bryan and Angel Ries
Andrew, Aaron, Abigail, Anna and Alexander

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