The Parks January 2018

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Thanks to your prayers and to the grace of our God, Jae and I made to S. Korea safe and sound on the 6th of Dec. as scheduled. We are very grateful for all the prayers, love and kindness of the churches we have visited and of our supporting churches. Even though we had many good places to stay during our furlough travel, we are happy to be back to our own bed now. Jae and I praise the Lord for His goodness upon us for the last 10 months in the States. Nine Salvations in the Chinese Church. The Lord has been blessing and protecting our ministries while we were away. It was such great blessing to see the Chinese people again in our Chinese ministry in Pyungtaek City. There were some new people whom we have not met before. For 3 weeks in December, I preached messages on “Why Jesus?” and on the Saturday before Christmas, I gave an invitation for them to make a decision about the Lord and nine precious people accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal savior. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace to save sinners through the faith in Jesus our Lord! We are going to try to start discipleship course as soon as possible in 2018.

Sejong Church has been doing well under the leadership of Pastor Min. We had wonderful time of reunion and had wonderful Christmas program together. The church is growing and we need a bigger place to meet. We are praying that the Lord would allow us to have a new place in 2018.

Prayer Requests:
1) New worker in Chinese Church. Brother Liu wanted to return to China to help his home church and had the last service with us on the Christmas Sunday. There is a Korean couple who were deported from China recently. They came to see our work on Christmas Sunday, but they are not very fluent in speaking Chinese. They can be help but I’d need another interpreter to preach. Please pray for us for wisdom and we are asking God to send us a Fundamental Baptist Chinese man.

2) A house for our settling down. Since we came to S. Korea in 2013, we already had moved twice and we will have to move in April of 2018 again. Most of the rent contract is for two years and at the end of the contract, the rent or key money would be raised for a new contract. It is difficult to move in every other year and it’s costly also. We are praying the Lord to allow us to have a humble house in a country side around Sejong City. Please pray that we would find an affordable house to purchase so that we won’t have to move every so often. We are very excited to be back to S. Korea for our second term of missionary work. Thank you again for all your love, prayers and faithful supports. May the Lord richly bless you as you endeavor to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ in 2018 and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

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