The Maus January 2018

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Greetings from Tacoma! The year 2017 was a roller coaster of a year for us here at Tacoma Baptist Church. We experienced many blessings and yet many trials, seen many come and some go. We began the first Sunday of 2018 with a nice start to the new year. I am encouraged to introduce to you our newest church member, Mr. Patrick Vance. Several weeks after he started attending back in September, Pat had to undergo a triple bypass surgery. During this short time, I quickly got the opportunity to know Pat more closely through hospital and home recovery visits. One month after his triple bypass, he’s feeling much better and is back at church faithfully. When Pat first started attending Tacoma Baptist Church, he mentioned to us that he had seen a sign, and that the Lord had been speaking to him because of it. Pat lives just one block from the school where we meet. So yes, we agree with Pat because we also believe in signs, church signs that is! Was there a question that it might be anything else? But now that I’ve got your attention, why not just read on? The school generously allows us to put up our church signs as long as school is not in session. We had our signs up for the whole summer break. Pat had seen the signs all summer, but was fighting the idea of getting back into church. He told us that one day, after passing our signs all summer, the Lord really impressed upon his heart to visit our church. He has not stopped coming since. I ask you to please pray for his wife. She chooses not to come to church because she claims that, “Church is not for me anymore.” We continue to pray that God will soften her heart and that she will come back to the Lord. Prayer Request: We’ve had several families move due to jobs, etc. This has put us in a financial bind. We have a small number of faithful folks who come every week, but in spite of their income and mine, we are not affording the cost of renting the school each month. We are 5 months behind to be exact. At $720 a month, let’s just say we’re owing quite a bit. The blessing is that the school is very understanding and patient with us. We’ve been renting from them 3 years now. Our church has a good testimony with them, but their patience and us not affording can only go so far. I’ve expressed to our people several times during services that our last resort is to move our service into my living room, but space is small, and the idea of church in a house turns some people away. Will you be in prayer towards this important need? Whatever the Lord’s will is concerning where we meet, Tacoma Baptist Church will continue on. Thank you and God bless!

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