Welcome Message

Welcome to the website for the Global Independent Baptist Missions. The Missions Office is a “financial” clearing house for missionaries that are associated with the Global Independent Baptist Fellowship. Our goal is to be a blessing, encouragement and help to the local sending Baptist Churches in their missions outreach and the missionary families they send out.


We believe that God calls missionaries out of local churches and the churches send them to the mission field. God lays on the hearts of other pastors, churches and individuals to also support other missionaries that have presented their call (field) to them. We all have a part in these missionaries fulfilling their “Call of God” by prayerfully & financially supporting them.

This Missions Office receives the “gifts” (support) sent by the churches for the missionary or missionaries. We deposit & record all monies during the month and send receipts to the givers and detailed reports to the missionaries for their record of who sent how much for their support on the field. One hundred percent of the money sent to each missionary goes directly to the missionary. The office itself is supported the same way the missionaries are, by churches sending support for our expenses.

The Missions Office sends the missionary a 1099 for their taxes each year and makes available different insurance policies at their request. The Missions Office is registered as a 501C non-profit corporation for tax and exemption purposes.

We are glad to be able to help the sending churches in this way allowing them to maintain all authority over their missionaries in every way.

If we can be of help to you, please contact me at 972-769-8393 (office) or 972-679-4095 (cell)

Dick Webster